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Great benefits coverage for small businesses and their teams.

Learn how easy it is to access comprehensive health plans in just minutes.

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Serving over 1,200 companies and 20k households!

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Easy Access

Provide your employees access to affordable health by registering your business in under 15 minutes with no complicated insurance jargon. 

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Guaranteed Rates & Modern Billing

No matter where you or your employees live, you can enjoy nationwide rates on medical coverage. Workers enroll and pay direct, no payroll work needed.

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Live Support

Licensed experts to guide employees through plan options and a dedicated support team for future inquiries. 

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Saving you money, keeping employees healthy!

Our modern benefits solution is designed for small business owners who would like to offer their workforce access to health benefits without the hassle of traditional 'Big Company' red tape.

Meridio steps in to administer, educate, and support every employee with expert one-on-one guidance along the way. 

What you can expect with Meridio benefits

The coverage plans include wellness and preventive care for healthy individuals as well as comprehensive coverage options. Plans start at just $149 per month and include:

  • Preventive Screenings at 100%
  • Unlimited $0 Copay Telemedicine Visits
  • Out-of-Pocket Maximums
  • Urgent Care $50 Copay
  • Emergency Room $100/day
  • Over 200+ Rx covered at $25 or less

Perfect healthcare coverage for small business owners to introduce to their employees, part-time, and seasonal workers!

Why you'll love Meridio benefits...

We do it all for you!

  • Registering your team is fast and simple
  • Your team gets personalized outreach without being pushy
  • Employees pay direct via Credit Card 
  • Benefit guides ensure households are matched to the benefits that match their needs and budget
  • Our experts set up payment and enroll each team member

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • No employee minimum to qualify for workforce benefits
  • No administrative hassle
  • Guaranteed acceptance - No medical questions or exams
  • Full-time, part-time, contractors, and seasonal team members are eligible
  • Portable coverage, even if the employee changes jobs

See how EASY health benefits can be.


How Meridio works

Even with health insurance, the average American spends $7,200 a year on benefits and only sees the doctor 4 times. With Meridio benefits employees could be saving over $5,000 a year.